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Covid Protocoles

Welcome to Marconi Hotel

The current context, caused by COVID-19, makes it necessary to establish protocols so that your stay in our Hotel does not increase the risk of community contagion, as well as to establish the necessary measures for workers.

Please read this document carefully as it contains the recommendations to be applied by the Hotel to minimize the hygienic-sanitary risks caused by the COVID-19 virus, without prejudice to the legislation in force, and which must be complied with during your stay in our facilities.

By accessing our facilities, you will comply with the safety rules of which you will be informed before the start of the visit.

Hotel Marconi

We care about you and yours

Our main concern is to ensure that the risk of contagion does not increase and for this reason we have established the necessary protective measures, both for you and yours as well as for the Hotel workers.

For the preparation of this document we have taken into account the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain, as well as the ICTE (Spanish Tourism Quality Institute) in order to offer the best practices in the service, facilities and staff to deal with the virus we have implemented the following measures:

Hotel Marconi

General measures COVID free

Our staff has received training in preventive measures from Covid-19 and has the appropriate protective equipment (PPE) for the development of their activity. The staff will not

use uniforms outside the hotel, ensuring that they are disinfected and washed in hot water at 60º C.

We monitor the health of our personnel, carrying out a daily temperature control.

We have reduced the capacity in common areas and elevators, which will have a special disinfection.

We have increased the safety distances between the cafeteria and restaurant tables,

reception and pool area.

We have provided points with disinfectant gel service throughout the hotel, properly

marked with signs

We have intensified the sanitization of common areas.

Hotel Marconi
Hotel Marconi

Measures for reception service and customer service

The safety distance between customers is marked.

The temperature of each customer is checked upon arrival.

We have installed a protective screen at the counter.

There are disinfectant gel points at the counter and in the entrance hall.

We disinfect the counter and all the material delivered to the customer on a continual basis (controls, cards, pens, etc).

Measures in rooms and cleaning service

Cleaning frequency has been increased in common areas (bathrooms, corridors, handrails, elevators, etc.).

There is a strict protocol for cleaning critical points: knobs, doorknobs, switches, etc.

We use disposable or different cleaning materials for each room, thus guaranteeing cleanliness and disinfection without the possibility of cross-contamination.

We will not clean the room if it is occupied by the client.

Our laundry certifies the treatment of the linen at more than 60º C with

disinfectant products.

Hotel Marconi
Hotel Marconi

Measures at restaurant and bar

We have provided disinfectant gel points in the restaurant and cafeteria.

Customers’ temperatures will be taken at the entrance to the restaurant.

We have reduced the number of tables in the restaurant and cafeteria room, with a minimum of 1.5m between tables.

We have reinforced the staff to offer you a better service at the table.

The buffet service will be assisted, our staff will be in charge of serving you the food.

Signs have been installed on the floor at the entrance to the dining room, cafeteria and buffet area to maintain a safe distance.

We continuously sanitize the furniture, counters, and buffet.

We have single doses of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.

You can request the PICNIC service in any of the contracted services.

We exhaustively control the temperature of the dishwashers (>80º).

Measures at the pool area

We provided disinfectant gel at several points.

We have reduced the capacity of the pool and increased the separation between hammocks (minimum 1.5m).

We sanitize hammocks, chairs and tables after use. We recommend that they also be

sanitized by the client.

Hotel Marconi
Hotel Marconi

We need your support

Respect the safety distance of 1,5m

The use of face masks in common areas is recommended.

It is mandatory to wear a mask during the entrance and pick up of the buffet meal. They may only remove it once they have reached the table assigned to them by the Maitre.

Compulsory use of own towel to use the hammock in the pool area.

It is recommended to use the stairs (marked). In case of using the elevator, it is mandatory to wear a mask.

We wish you a pleasant stay and will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Your friends from Hotel Marconi